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Progress2work: Getting Started Week 1

Progress2work is an adult employability project funded by the European Social Fund. The programme seeks to support those further from the labour market using new and tried and tested methods.  

We are currently in the initial stages of planning and setting up the progress2work programme, and we wanted to keep track of how we’re getting on and to give updates of our progress. For the next few weeks we’ll be putting out a weekly ‘Getting Started’ news item, filled with all the details of how we’ve come together as a team and started getting the project ready for launch.  

The first week was one we were all looking forward to – getting the chance to meet our team members and getting started on our aims and objectives to achieve success within the project.  

We have our guidelines to follow, and the brilliant part is that we could make it our own! Everyone in the team has their own expertise and specialties, this has and will help us to build strong and positive outcomes for our clients.  

We kicked off exploring and discussing our individual roles, how we could all interact in the different stages of the client journey. We looked at the kind of clients we would focus on: exploring a range of criteria to support them in different situations and thinking about how we could tailor each part of our support to offer individualised plans. 

Throughout the week we have explored marketing, promotion will play a large role in connecting with partners, adjoining support services which will support in building opportunities for clients.  

Thursday was our crash course in marketing know-how. With the help of the employer engagement and marketing departments, we began developing a strategy to reach stakeholders like employers, potential clients, and other groups we could partner with. We solidified our intentions of what we could offer clients, and how we could communicate this effectively, especially to those who might not be accessible through traditional channels. We also have, in the making – the upcoming launch events! Keep up-to-date with the progress2work project on social media to find out more on these.  

This week has continued on the research, planning and strategy theme, it’s definitely been an exciting start to the 3 year project! We’ve had lots of information and started the ball rolling. The next steps will involve our team members doing plenty of community research, both online, and in the field. We’ll be getting our faces out in the areas, and speaking to communities about how we can best deliver our support.  

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